Aesthetic Treatments
Omnika Treatment


The Omnika device simultaneously uses cavitation and synchronous radio frequency technologies to reshape the body. The cavitational effect of ultrasound creates bubbles of variable sizes in the body liquids. The bubbles then explode, generating heat that destroys the membranes of fat cells. The dead fat cells are then discharged via blood and lymphatic systems. Combined with the radio frequencies generated by the device, this process provides a highly effective firming of the dermis. Patented Synchro-Ore system provides painless and non-invasive solution which allows safe and effective results#



- Instantly reduces fat and cellulite

- Enhances lymphatic system and blood circulation

- Increases oxygen levels in blood, raising metabolic rate

- Improves skin tone and elasticity

- Eliminates toxins from the body

- Restores collagen and moisturizes skin


Suitable for

- Stubborn fat

- Cellulite



Cavitation Fat Soluble Firming Treatment (Cellulite)

Cavitation Fat Soluble Treatment (Position)

Cavitation Fat Soluble Modeling Treatment (Position)

Cavitation Fat Soluble Treatment (Position)

Cavitation Fat Soluble Treatment (Position)

# Individual results may vary.