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The Ingrid Millet Laser Centre is owned and managed by beauty expert French Medical Aesthetic brand Ingrid Millet. Using the latest technology from Italy and with a particular emphasis on safety and aesthetic results, the centre offers solutions to all hair removal problems.


Advanced Hair Removal Technology

Traditional laser devices only use one working wavelength. As a result, those treatments have wide limitations in their ability to treat different skin types and hair thickness. The Ingrid Millet Laser Centre DuoWave hair removal treatment uses an advanced Italian technology which delivers two gold standard wavelengths (755 and 1064nm) simultaneously and sequentially in order to optimize the treatment efficiency. The dual emission works to completely remove both thick and fine hair.


Comfortable & Safe

The dual wavelength mixed technology is completely safe, having been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union 28 countries (CE safety certificate). Furthermore, this technology is the most effective for hair removal on dark and tanned skins. It also records a lesser rate of incidence of side effects such as hypo or hyper-pigmentation and blisters as a result of its proprietary cooling system. The aesthetic results (smoother and brighter skin) are instantly visible. #


# Individual results may vary.