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Pico Laser Treatment


Picosecond Laser is the most effective technology available today to remove skin pigmentation. At the core of this ground-breaking technology is the shortened pulse duration (10 times shorter than the Q-Switch Laser). Pigments are pulverised into tiny fragments by a photomechanical impact and are removed through the lymphatic network. Picosecond Laser eliminates both superficial and deep-pigmented lesions, and is FDA and CE approved. #


Picosecond Laser achieves much faster results than the traditional Q-Switch Laser, and avoids the traditional side effects caused by thermal injury to surrounding tissues, allowing for much faster recovery periods.



- Skin whitening

- Depigmentation of freckles, hormone spots, age spots and chloasma

- Minimises pores, acne and surgical scars

- Removes tattoo


Suitable for

- Skin pigmentation issues

- Uneven skin complexion

# CE certified and FDA. Individual results may vary.