Medical Treatments
One-Point Eyelid Lifting Procedure


Our skin loses collagen as we age, making the skin around the eyes droopy and saggy. Our specialized "One-point" Eyelid Lifting Treatment, performed by a professional eye doctor, efficiently helps restore a natural perfect double eyelid. This technique only requires one treatment and it will instantly lift the droopy corners and the skin around the eyes. The structure of the resulting double eyelid is equivalent to that of a natural double eyelid, so the possibility of the crease diminishing is very low. The effects are very long-lasting. #


Suitable for

- Monolids 
- Inner double-folded eyelids
- Thin double-folded eyelids
- Asymmetrical eyes                                                                                  
- Sagging eyelids       


Individual results may vary. In-charged by professional doctor.